UltraLiter DXU series is a state of
the art,  full featured microprocessor
controlled, direct spark  ignition
module capable of supplying
ignition energy for a wide range of
gas fired applications. Available
with case & cover.
High Voltage Spark To The Main Burner
MiniLiter DXML series is a basic
electronic direct spark ignition control
designed to provide a low cost
manual solution for spark ignition on
selected gas fired appliances.
AstraLiter DXA & B series is a  
premier  microprocessor controlled,
12VDC direct spark  ignition module
designed for the mobile and RV
Series DXM
Series DXA & DXB
Series DXML
Direct Spark Ignition
Series DXU A & B
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MaxLiter DXM series is a rugged,
compact, microprocessor
controlled direct spark ignition
system supplying ignition energy
for various gas fired applications.
Available potted or bare board.
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